An anti-bully group got down to the kids’ level at Heritage Hills Middle School yesterday.

School counselor Julie Becker says the group of college students really connected with the middle schoolers.”These are young people, 18 or 20, around that years of age.  They both sang, she was opera and he was rapping, and the kids were really in tune with that.”

The creator of the group, Katie Himes, a former Miss Teen America and reigning Miss Ohio Collegiate, was a victim of bullying in Middle School. And now with some help, she travels around with the Bully Bashers to help kids stop bullying. She says Bully Bashers is an interactive program designed to get kids excited about anti-bullying!

Becker says the face of bullying has really changed throughout the years. She says it’s easier for students to say negative things to other students online. “We as administrators, we as teachers have to deal with that cause the kids are effected by that.”  Becker went on to describe how online bullying can distract kids from their education, where grades will drop and some kids will start to miss classes.

Becker says the Bully Bashers group came to present at the school without charge. She says the presentation was part of the school’s Friendship Week, which aims to facilitate respect and healthy friendships among students at the school.