A man burning trash was believed to be the cause of a fire that burned about a half acre of a wooded area near Dubois early Sunday evening.

Members of the Dubois Fire Department were called to the report of a woods fire along the 10-thousand block of East State Road 56 around a quarter past 5 yesterday afternoon. 

Upon arrival, firefighters found about a half acre of chard woodland and a slow moving fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished and contained to the half acre of land.

Officials with the Dubois Fire Department say a family member, Brian Emmons, who lives at a neighboring property was burning trash after cleaning up some property and left the area without assuring that the fire was fully extinguished.

Emmons was not present during the time of the call, but his family provided firefighters with information regarding the potential cause of the fire.

Dubois Public Information Officer Zach Eichmiller says there was no damage to the property and no injuries were reported during the incident.  The charred woodland belongs to Darrin and Sherry Burton of Paoli who  were not present as well.  There were two trucks with 25 firefighters responding and Dubois Firefighters were on scene for about 15 minutes.