Last night the Huntingburg City Council discussed and approved the creation of new positions for the water and energy departments. Last month the council had approved of splitting the utility superintendent position in two; an energy superintendent and a water superintendent.

Former Utility Superintendent Tony Traylor is now the city’s Water Superintendent, while John Reutepohler was promoted to Energy Superintendent.

Huntingburg May Denny Spinner says the purpose of the split was to make the departments more efficient with the latest job positions created to further that goal.  Spinner says safety is a big key factor in the latest job positions in the form of safety technicians. The issue at hand is, while electric or water crews are working on city issues, expecting the crews to multi task on coming traffic with getting the issues fixed can present safety hazards.  The role of safety technicians will be to make sure sign warnings, cones, and traffic are handled appropriately while the crews can focus on fixing city issues.

Last night the Huntingburg council also approved promoting Rich Tretter to the position of Electric Department Crew Chief.   John Reutepohler presented before the council a detailed explanation of a power outage that occurred in the city last Friday night.  Half of the city was affected by the power failure.  Reutepohler described to the board how Tretter took action on the scene, noting while he made his way in Huntingburg.  Tretter made every right move he could in the situation. Reutepohler told the board Tretter reacted well to the situation.

Reutepohler said the electric department managed to isolate the power outage down to one retail consumer, who received their power before they had to open the next day.