A Stendal teen was injured in a single vehicle accident on Jasper’s north side early Sunday afternoon.

Jasper Police say just before 1 pm Sunday 18-year old Isaiah Dylan was traveling southbound in his pick-up along us 231 just south of 43rd Street.  Dylan told police the accelerator of the pick-up became stuck and he was unable to brake.

Dylan told police he noticed southbound traffic ahead of him was stopped but said he was unable to stop.

Dylan veered to the right to avoid  colliding with stopped traffic and lost control of the vehicle.  The pick-up left the roadway on the westside traveling in a grassy area between US231 and Mannheim Road.

When the truck reached an area just north of 41st Street it spun sideways and the passenger side tires began yawing on the pavement on Mannheim Road.  The pick-up then rolled onto it’s passenger side before coming to a rest on the eastside of the roadway.

Dylan complained of pain to his right arm and was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital for treatment.

His pick-up sustained 6-thousand dollars in damages.  No charges were filed.