The Jasper Police might soon add another unmarked car to its pool as the department moves toward seeking approval from the city council for the purchase. 

Yesterday bids were opened for two new patrol cars already approved by city entities. The board of public works approved purchasing 2 new 2013 Dodge Chargers from Sternberg Chrysler with a low bid of $44,808. The bid includes a $5,000 trade-in for the two older impala patrol cars.

Police Chief Michael Bennet also got a quote for a plain unmarked police car along with the bids for the new cars. He says the unmarked car will be only the second pool or reserve car in the department’s fleet.

Sternberg’s also gave the lowest quote of a new unmarked car at nearly $25,000 for a 2013 Dodge Charger. No action will be taken to purchase the car until approval is received from the city council. Bennet says funds for the new unmarked unit will come from an existing training fund which has a surplus.

The fund comes from money generated by the department through vin checks and other police services.

Bennett also informed the board of public works Tuesday morning that the department’s new K9 unit arrived a few days ago in Michigan. He says without a K9 it now takes more time during traffic stops with suspected drug possession to receive assistance from the Indiana State Police.

The department will receive the K-9 after Officer Adam Bower attends handler training with the German Shepard in April at the Michigan Center. Dubois County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Kendall will also attend the training as a new handler.  Bennett said Tuesday morning that the Dubois County Prosecutors office has helped provide funding for the training.

In addition, the Jasper Police Department is currently taking applications for a telecommunication officer, which are available at the department or city hall.

Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang informed the public works board that the department’s largest ladder truck is in need of 700-dollars in repairs. He said the lifting cylinder will be repaired on the 100 foot tower truck. Hochgesang said the truck will be out of commission for a few days.

The department still has a 75ft ladder engine. If necessary, they can receive support from either the Huntingburg or Ferdinand departments’ 100 ft trucks.

Also at the board of works meeting, the board took under advisement two quotes received to upgrade audio-visual equipment in the council chambers at Jasper City Hall.