The Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology last month named the historical Wollenman home in Ferdinand to the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures. The 110-year old home, built by Dr. Alois Wollenmann along Main Street is also being considered for the National Register of Historic Places.

The DNR’s Indiana Historic Preservation Board listed the Wollenmann House on the  Register back on January 23rd.

To be eligible, a property must be at least 50 years old, maintain a certain degree of architectural integrity and have local, state or national significance to historic events, persons or architecture/design or provide significant historic information to state history or prehistory.

To be considered for the national registry, the location must first obtain state approval and be listed on the state’s registry.

Now that the home is designated with the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures, the application now goes to the National Park Service, National Historic Places Office in Washington, DC.

The application will appear in the Federal Register for 30 days for public comment.

If the application is approved on the national level, the Wollenmann Home will then appear on the National Register of Historic Places.

Members of the Ferdinand Historical Society are working to restore the landmark. The group should find out in March if the house will be put on the national registry.

The society received a $400,000 federal historic preservation grant last August to rewire and restore the exterior of the home. The Town of Ferdinand had applied for the grant on behalf of the society, which is in the process of bidding the work. Work could start as early as April.

The society is continuing to raise money to help restore and refurbish the interior of the home.