The city of Jasper has revealed members of an advisory team for the city’s plans on developing the old Jasper Country Club property.

As the city finalizes the purchase of the former Jasper Country Club golf course, mayor Terry Seitz has formed an advisory team to work on urban and open space planning for the property with CityVisions, the planning group recently selected by the Jasper Redevelopment Commission to lead the planning process.

In a news release, Seitz says the acquisition of the property represents an unprecedented opportunity for the city, its residents, and the region. The mayor says in order to help formulate a collective and executable vision for the site, the city has assembled a diverse group of stakeholders into an advisory team.

Team meetings will be open to the public with the first one to be held next Wednesday, April 3rd from 3 until 4:30 pm at the Arnold F. Habig Community Center. The advisory committee consists of 19 people, including city residents and officials, council members, at least one representative from both the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Corporation and the Jasper Library Board, and Mayor Seitz himself.

City officials say that once the property is under city management, it will initially be closed to the public with ongoing maintenance performed by the Jasper Parks and Recreation Department.