Time is running out for kids in grades K-12 to enroll in Dubois County 4H clubs for 2013. Kids in kindergarten through second grade can enroll in Exploring 4H, while kids in grades three through twelve can enroll in regular 4H. This year’s 4H theme is “Catch the Wave”, which Dubois County Project Assistant Ashlee Niehaus says was inspired by a 4H council member nearing the end of his council term.

The priority deadline for enrollment in 4H for this year is this Sunday, March 31st. Niehaus says the priority deadline allows kids to get started on their yearly projects.

Niehaus says one of the most popular countywide clubs is Shooting Sports, although there are other countywide clubs such as Paws and Pals, a dog obedience club for kids who have a dog to train or are interested in learning more about dogs. Niehaus also says most schools in the county are covered by roughly 2 to 3 4H clubs, though the number of clubs available depends on the size of the school.

To enroll a child in Dubois County 4H or Exploring 4H, you can fill out an enrollment form online at www.four-h.purdue.edu/enroll or fill out and hand in a paper form at the Dubois County Purdue Extension located on the south east side of Jasper. Enrollment for Exploring 4H is free. There is a $15 enrollment fee per child for regular 4H up to $45 per family household.