Recently-elected U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly visited Dubois County this past Saturday as the keynote speaker at the Dubois County Democrats’ annual Truman Dinner and Fundraiser.

Donnelly, who previously served six years as the U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District, commended Dubois County for its low unemployment rate and core democratic values during his address to county Democrats. He says it’s his job to bring Indiana ideas and values to Washington, D.C.

Donnelly told the crowd that he stands for working class values and believes everyone is entitled to the American Dream. He asserted that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. He pointed to General Electric, who legally paid nothing on federal income tax, yet reported $5 billion in profit using 972 tax attorneys, as an example of unfair taxation. He also told the crowd that taxation on everyone should be more balanced to help everyone reach their American Dream.

He says as a party, the Democrats in Washington stand for middle class families. He defined the American Dream as having a good job, home ownership, good schools, and a dignified retirement.

Donnelly will be traveling the state over the next couple of weeks after final Senate votes on Saturday morning. He says he also wants to create an environment for job growth and says that matching unemployed workers to skills needed to fill thousands of available jobs across America is still a priority.

As a part of that, Donnelly says he sponsored the American Works Act Bill, which he says will not use any additional federal dollars, but will use available funds to target programs that create skills needed for immediate jobs like machinery work. He pointed to centers such as the Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center being built at the Vincennes University Jasper Campus as a future example for matching employers’ needs with qualified individuals in Dubois and surrounding counties.

Donnelly also says his tour of Indiana will help to spread the word about the work of veterans and their opportunities outside of military service. He also discussed his agenda to connect veterans to jobs and promote counseling programs for veterans in need.

Veterans can also reach out through Donnelly’s website, their local veterans affairs office, or their family doctor. Donnelly also hopes to promote outreach for veterans who might not otherwise seek out the help.