During this morning’s Jasper Board of Public Works meeting, representatives of J.H. Rudolph and Company presented the city of Jasper and the Jasper Street Department a plaque commemorating the company for being recognized as the winner of the 2012 Quality in Construction Award for excellence of an asphalt pavement.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association presented the award to J.H. Rudolph for work on a recent Jasper City Streets Paving Project that included resurfacing work on Werning Road, Skyview Drive, Division Street, South Truman Road and East Sixth Streets.

Jeff Kline is Project Manager for J.H. Rudolph. He says the award by NAPA was given based on the quality of the end product as well the joint effort between J.H. Rudolph and the Jasper Street Department. Kline says the quality work performed by the city of Jasper was a major factor of the award.

Jasper Street Commissioner Rayme Eckerle says the award is a great honor for the city and the department.  He says the recognition is the culmination of a joint effort by the J.H. Rudolph and the city.

The award also recognizes the the fact that J.H. Rudolph Company used asphalt mixes that contained 35-percent reclaimed asphalt pavement which in turned saved money for the project.  Working under heavy traffic, the company and the city produced high-qulaity asphalt pavements with minimal disruption  to the public.