Last night, the Jasper Common Council approved an additional appropriation of funds to the Local Police Continuing Fund (LPCF) to help cover the cost of purchase of a brand new unmarked police car to replace a current car, 5 new computers, and various software for the computers.

In all, approximately $40,000 will be appropriated for the car and the computer equipment, about $25,000 of which will go towards the unmarked car.

Jasper Police Chief Mike Bennett says getting the additional appropriation is important, not only to his department, but for the city:

Bennett also says the fund will build back up again over time through revenue from things such as gun permits and court fees.

Also at the meeting last night, interim president Mike Cummings of Dubois Strong updated the committee on the group’s outlook. Cummings told the council the group’s biggest challenge going forward would be to re-establish a connection with the private sector and see what opportunities might arise for the group through improved relations with the private sector.