The Indiana Senate recently approved a House bill sponsored by State Senator Richard Young to give local authorities additional options when using federal and state transportation funds.

Young says trading federal money for state money allows for local officials to finish road projects more cost-effectively while also abiding by state regulations.

House Bill 1067 details Indiana’s participation in a federal program to allow for greater flexibility in local transportation development projects. Projects that use federal funds are held to hefty national construction standards and tend to cost about 30 percent more than state-funded projects. The measure aims to allow cities and towns to use state funds for roads projects, giving local authorities more freedom in road development and financing.

The legislation also specifies the exchange rate, as well as the state’s procedure for allocating funding to ensure fund availability.

HB 1067 passed unanimously out of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Transportation & Veterans Affairs, the Senate Committee on Appropriations, and the full Senate. The bill will now return to the House of Representatives where the author of the bill will have the opportunity to consider changes made in the Senate.

Sen. Young represents Indiana Senate District 47, which encompasses portions of Crawford, Dubois, Harrison, Orange, Perry and Washington Counties.