This morning, the Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition broke ground on its newest project: German American Boulevard.

The boulevard, paid for by a donation from German American Bank, will go east from the train depot out to Third Avenue, running parallel to the railroad tracks. The boulevard will feature a semicircular wall with seating behind it on the east end, a walkway connecting it to the riverwalk, benches with pergola trees for shade along the west side, and light posts with decorative banisters and chains on the southside of the tracks to keep people off of the tracks.

ROJAC leader Dave Buehler says the construction of the boulevard is a proud moment for the coaltion and the city.

The boulevard will officially be dedicated July 13th, which will be a community day and will be a full day of events, highlighted by a “Ride and Dine” train courtesy of the Spirit of Jasper, and an evening concert.