A Ruler Foods store will be built in Jasper this year.

The Jasper Board of Zoning Appeals approved three variances to allow Kroger Limited Partnership to build the discount grocery store along 30th Street on a lot just west of the new Jasper K of C.

Dan Trexler, construction manager for Kroger, said after the meeting that the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company plans to start construction on the building this spring and open the store in the fall.

The board allowed the property’s setback to be at 35 feet instead of the required 45 feet, reduced its landscape barrier from 10 to 6 feet and approved a variance for parking spaces to allow 68 spaces instead of the required 77.

Trexler said that while the store won’t be any smaller than other Ruler stores, he was working to fit in enough parking spaces to satisfy the city’s rules.

Trexler says the company has looked at several sites in the city, but found this one to be the only one to fit its needs.