The Spencer County Commissioners are preparing to ask the Indiana Department of Transportation for improvements to a county intersection after the tragic death of a high school student.

Earlier this month, South Spencer High School student Jacob Hamilton was killed in a collision with a semi at the intersection of Orchard Park Road and Indiana State Road 66 in front of the school. Since that time, county commissioner Al Logsdon, who once served as principal at South Spencer, is renewing efforts to get INDOT to install a stop light at the intersection. The intersection currently has a caution light, which was installed several years ago by INDOT after a crash at the intersection.

Logsdon says he believes the intersection in its current state creates blind spots for traffic on Orchard Park Road trying to turn onto State Road 66. He also says a turn lane often tends to obstruct drivers’ view of oncoming traffic.

At Logsdon’s request, County Engineer Tara Lloyd plans to formally request an upgrade from a caution light to a stop light at the intersection, as well as a reduction in the posted speed limit in front of the school. Logsdon says the current speed limit in front of the high school on State Road 66 is 45 mph, which increases to 55 mph further down the road. He says the area should be recognized as a school zone, with a new speed limit of 35 mph.