The town of Santa Claus is planning to make changes to its long-range plan for town improvement.

The town council met with an Evansville-based Morley and Associates engineer earlier this month to discuss drafting an updated plan.

The plan will set clear goals for future development in Santa Claus as well as goals for policies concerning land use and public street development. The plan will also help to identify potential problem areas and areas that are most in need of and suited for upgrades.

The updated plan will allow the town to be more competitive with other communities applying for major grants that would fund large-scale development projects.

The new plan could take up to six months to draft. The previous comprehensive plan was completed in 1994.

The town also plans to completely revamp its town employee handbook. The current book is seen as inefficient, hard to read, and a potential extra expense due to outdated policies. The board voted to contract the rewriting of the handbook to HR Unlimited Resources at a cost of $6,000.

Also recently, bids were opened for a new sport utility vehicle for the police department as well as a new utility department truck. Sternberg dealerships submitted the lowest bids for both vehicles. The bids have been tabled for further review.