City of Jasper Completes Purchase of Former Country Club Property

Earlier today, the City of Jasper officially completed the purchase of the Jasper Country Club property from Club Management of Dubois County.

The Board of Directors of Club Management decided to close the 80-plus year old country club back in October effective in late December.

Jasper city officials immediately took an interest in the property and today acquired just under 60 acres of the country club property under the deal paying a total of $1,030,610 or $17,344.50 per acre.

After months of evaluations and negotiations, the city decided in January to buy the property and the city council allocated the money for the purchase from the city’s rainy day fund.

An advisory team is working with the city and consultants from Louisville-based CityVisions and Boston-based Gamble Associates to determine the use of the newly purchased land.

The Greater Jasper Consolidated School corporation has shown interest in purchasing up to 15 acres of land along West 15th Street adjacent to the campus of Jasper High School.

Also Alpine Investments, which is owned by the Hanselman family of the Schnitzelbank Restaurant, has purchased some land and the club building, which it plans to use as a banquet facility. Some nearby property owners also have purchased a few acres.

In the meantime, the property is off limits to the public. The Jasper Park and Recreation Department is now responsible for maintaining the property.