Dubois Contractual Library Board Approves Seeking Grant

Last night, the Dubois County Contractual Library Board approved seeking a Community Focus Fund Planning Grant to fund a feasibility study for potential improvements for the Birdseye library. The grant would be for up to $15,000.

The Town of Birdseye must ask for the grant money as local town or county government must apply for the grant on behalf of entities such as the library.

Library director Rita Douthitt says the grant money is important for the Birdseye library and securing the grant would help the library.

Conditions in order to qualify for the CFF grant include at least 51% of the service area qualified at the low-to-moderate income level, a local match of 10% of the project’s cost, and 1 public hearing prior to submitting the grant application.

The Contractual Library Board also approved a new and stricter smoking policy. Under the new policy, smoking of any kind is banned on library property, including electronic cigarettes. Douthitt says although state law bans smoking near an entrance, the library’s policy does have some leeway in terms of strictness.

Also last night, the Jasper Library Board approved requesting at least one new five minute parking space along the street to be utilized by those who return library materials at the outdoor dropbox. The proposal would have to be approved by the Jasper Board of Public Works. The board will bring that proposal to the Jasper BPW’s next meeting this coming Tuesday.