Ferdinand Yard Waste Center Being Abused

Officials with the Town of Ferdinand say the town’s yard waste collection area on East 23rd Street has seen some abuse of policy in recent weeks.

Continued abuse of the center could, potentially, force town officials to close the facility to public use.

Town manager Marc Steczyk says over the past couple of weeks, officals have seen residential trash, shrubs with root balls still attached, and, most recently, treated lumber scraps were left, all of which Steczyk says must be hand-sorted and removed.

Steczyk says with this being one of the peak times of the year and with limited staffing, town employees simply cannot be pulled off of necessary tasks to do completely unnecessary work.

Steczyk says the 23rd Street yard waste collection area is meant to be a convenience to town residents.  He says if the abuse of the policy continues, officials will have no other option than to recommend to the Ferdinand Town Council that the facility be closed to public access.

Yard waste, according to the Town’s policy is limited to grass, weeds, grass clippings, leaves, hedge trimmings, organic plant materials, and other natural growth generated from the care and maintenance of gardens and yards.  In no event should residents drop off trash, lumber, tree stumps, tree trunks, or limbs cut by a commercial tree trimming service.