Huntingburg BPW Approves Increase in Parking Fees

The city of Huntingburg is to looking to raise parking fees in order to help motivate citizens take the city’s parking ordinance more seriously.

This morning, Huntingburg Police Chief Art Parks recommended the hike in fee to the Huntingburg Board of Public Works. It would be the first such increase in nearly 15 to 20 years.

Most of the tickets in question deal with overtime parking tickets to parking in yellow zones as well as handicap parking violations. Handicap parking issues would only pertain to violations commited on city owned streets and parking lots.

Parks proposed to the board that fees for overtime parking be increased from 1 dollar to 5 dollars while improper parking be doubled from 5 dollars to ten. Members of the board felt that fines for those who violate handicap parking restrictions also be doubled from 10 to 20 dollars.

Parks says he hopes the increase in fees will give residents a little more incentive to be more aware of city parking restrictions and be less prone to violate those laws.

The board approved the proposal which will now be fowarded to the Huntingburg city council for changes in the city ordinance. Those changes are expected to take place at next week’s meeting.