Huntingburg City Council: 4/11

The Huntingburg City Council met last night to discuss several topics, including the comprehensive plan headed by GAI. This is a vision plan contracted for the city.

The city’s most recent comprehensive plan was passed back in 2007. Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner says he is pleased that the plan includes so many different aspects of the city.

Mayor Spinner says there is another development project that will parallel the comprehensive plan focusing on downtown revitalization with a specific emphasis on infrastructure and utilities. A firm will be selected within two weeks for the downtown project. The comprehensive GAI plan will take roughly 120 days to complete. No timetable has been set for the downtown revitalization plan.

Also last night, the Huntingburg City Council discussed changing fine amounts for various parking violations. Current parking fines in Huntingburg have not been an effective deterrant for parking violations since they were put into place nearly sixteen years ago. The council, with the help of police chief Art Parks, discussed appropriate increases for parking fines. Spinner agrees that the current parking fine system needs to be updated.

Spinner says the increase is set to ensure that a real penalty is involved and that most people will adhere to parking regulations. The new fees will officially be adopted at the next council meeting on April 25th to give the public time to be aware of the fine structure.

They also want to give the police department time to put updated information in place before the ordinance officially takes effect.