Jasper Board of Public Works: 4/23

Pending mutual consent between the Jasper Public Library and the Jasper City Council, library patrons may soon have an extra parking space along the south side of the library on 11th Street.

The Jasper Board of Public Works met this morning to approve various proposed events and safety topics in the months ahead. One of those topics was a parking issue next to the Jasper Public Library. This spot would be located near the new installation of non-office hour deposits.

There is already an existing curb-cut for a small driveway. If approved, this area would be marked and identify the curb-cut as a library parking space. This spot is located roughly 30 to 35 feet from the ramp going to the drop-off area. Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says this designated space being proposed is the prime choice to benefit library patrons.

Seitz says this option means one less removal of a space for patrons that would go inside to use library resources.

Also discussed at the meeting was the approval of an Indiana University coaches’ event. This event, scheduled for May 30th, is set to be held at the Gazebo Area on the Riverwalk near Dave Buehler Plaza. It has been 4 years since Jasper hosted such an event.