Jasper City Council Meeting: 4/17

Last night, the Jasper City Council met to discuss a rezoning ordinance, utility service board reports, and open public hearings.

The council also discussed tax phase-in ordinances, also known as tax abatement. Kimball Hospitality, as well as Kimball Furniture, appeared before the council to ask for tax abatements for expansion of their plants. As part of the process, there is annual paperwork that needs to be filed. Their main reason for appearing last night was to show that there were some discrepancies in regards to what they intended to do in this process.

This tax abatement process has the potential to gross $40 million and create 285 jobs over the life of the abatement. Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says the process isn’t automatic, but the mayor thinks Jasper is a community on the move.

Seitz says there were really no concerns with the proposed tax abatements set out by Kimball and there will be annual reviews in the future to make sure that everything is on track with the tax phase-in ordinances.