Jasper Municipal Water Utility Offering Free Soil Delivery for Farmers

The Jasper Municipal Water Utility is offering free delivery of soil that is ideal for farm fields with high phosphorus content.

The water treatment process uses alum to remove sediment from water before adding it to the city’s supply. This sediment is essentially top soil that has washed into the river. It is unfit for use in fields with normal phosphorus levels because the added alum binds to phosphorus rendering it unusable to crops.

However, in fields with phosphorus over 400 parts per million (usually the product of aggressive manure application) this soil offers a perfect way to increase organic matter and bring the phosphorus back to a manageable level.

After a soil test confirming high phosphorus levels, the Jasper Municipal Water Utility will arrange for delivery of the soil to interested farmers in Dubois and Pike Counties. Delivery arrangements may take some time.

For more information contact the Jasper Municipal Water Utility by email at tdoersam@ci.jasper.in.us or by phone at 482-5252.