Jasper Utility Board Special Meeting: 4/29

Yesterday evening, the Jasper Utility Board held a special meeting hoping to start taking bids for the 3rd Avenue Water Project.

The Jasper Utility Board set this meeting in hopes of hearing from the Economic Development Administration concerning aid from a federal grant. However, the board did not get any information on the grant. EDA is still waiting for their allocation from Congress for funds.

In the meeting last night, the board took two actions. First, they will continue their pursuit of the grant. Secondly, the board returned the bids that they had received unopened so that if whether they get the grant or not, the companies that submitted bids can resubmit their bid with changes when the utility board decides to move forward with the project.

The Jasper Utility Board hopes to hear from the EDA around May 10th or 11th. The total cost of the project is estimated at $1.5 million. The grant would award the utility board $745,000. The city of Jasper would match that grant dollar for dollar. With the next utility board meeting scheduled for May 20th, the board is up in the air as to when they can actually get the Third Avenue water project underway. Wayne Schuetter, chairman of the utility board, explains:

Schuetter says the project is roughly 6,000 feet, stretching from just south of the German American Insurance Building all the way out to Jasper Lumber. It will be a moving project set in tiers. The city of Jasper plans on paving the entire street in a combined project format pending the EDA grant.