2nd Jasper City Chat: 5/21

Yesterday afternoon, the City of Jasper held its second of three City Chats sessions for this year.

A handful of residents were in attendance to hear from this chat’s guest panel, which were Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang, Police Chief Mike Bennett, and Director of Personnel, Safety, and Loss Control Cale Knies. The guest panel spoke about the functions of each of their departments and took questions and comments from the public.

Public suggestions raised at this meeting included fixing the pavement down by the Jasper Riverwalk, putting a plaque in honor of Abraham Lincoln and his trips as a boy to Enlow Mill at the current city mill, and diversifying beverage offerings at the Jasper Municipal golf course.

The third and final city chat event will be held Tuesday June 11th at 11:45 am at the Jasper Arts Center. This event will be part of the Arts Center’s “Brown Bag Lunch” series. Attendees can pay $5 for dessert and a beverage, or can come for free to the discussion, which is set to start at 12:15 pm.

Guests for the final city chat will be Arts Director Kit Miracle, city engineer Chad Hurm, city attorney Renee Kabrick, and director of community development and planning Darla Blazey.