Beaver Lake, Jasper Clean Energy Remain Issues at Utility Board Meeting

The Jasper City Council chambers were nearly at full capacity last night for the monthly utility service board meeting.

The main point of focus of this meeting fell on the Beaver Lake Spillway Report. Brian McKenna, the head engineer from Christopher B. Burke Engineering, was present to report on the concerns and differences of opinion surrounding the water level fluctuations of Beaver Lake. In McKenna’s report, all indications according to his measurements of the existing spillway are that the water level is very close, within an inch of the old spillway. This report puzzled the people that have lived on the lake for decades.

As Utility Board President Wayne Schuetter explains, there are many theories as to why the lake levels seem much lower:

Schuetter says a possible solution would be to dredge Beaver Lake, but he said that would cost a considerable amount of money.

Towards the end of last night’s meeting, Schuetter addressed the council and those from the public in attendance concerning the situation with the Jasper Clean Energy Center Project. In a statement made by Schuetter during last night’s meeting, he said “The city’s decision to lease the power plant to Twisted Oak Corporation to develop the Jasper Clean Energy Project continues to be a topic of discussion and misinformation, including the information being disseminated by the group opposing the project.”

Schuetter’s comments stemmed from a recent report released by co-authors Dr. Kristin Shrader-Frechette and B.N. Kunycky of the University of Notre Dame, which included several errors as identified by the City of Jasper. Schuetter says this meeting was an appropriate time to bring the controversy to light:

Schuetter ended the meeting by stating that the Utility Service Board and the City of Jasper will continue to focus on the facts and doing their necessary due diligence concerning this important project. He also said the Jasper community is encouraged to do their own
due diligence on this issue.