Becky Skillman Speech: Dubois Strong Meeting

During her keynote speech at last Thursday’s Dubois Strong Annual Meeting at the Ferdinand Community Center, former Indiana Lt. Governor and current Radius Indiana president Becky Skillman highlighted several things concerning economic development across Radius Indiana’s 8 county region.

Skillman describes her first few months with Radius Indiana and compares it to what she did while serving as Indiana’s Lt. Governor under former governor Mitch Daniels:

Skillman also highlighted NSA Crane and its value to the Radius Indiana region. Radius Indiana recently formed a Defense and National Security Advisory Council. Skillman talks more about the makeup and the purpose of this newly formed council:

Skillman says Crane is in good shape in spite of the recent federal sequester and concerns over funding for the future. She says Crane is in a strong position, but shouldn’t take anything for granted going forward:

Crane is currently the third largest naval installation in the world and one of Indiana’s largest employers. Crane currently employs over 5,000 people.