City of Jasper Denied Third Street Water Grant

Yesterday morning, the City of Jasper was informed that they did not recieve a U.S. Economic Development Administration grant to pay half of the cost for replacing a 60-year-old water main under Third Avenue between Staat Strasse and Meridian Road as well as for paving the road.

According to city officials, the grant was denied due to the economic level of the city being too high and thus disqualified the city from getting the grant.

During his first City Chat held yesterday, Jasper mayor Terry Seitz thanked residents and businesses for their support of the application, which included some business owners writing letters explaining the economic benefits for their company if the grant had been approved.

The city originally submitted the grant application in December requesting just over $740,000 for the project. Officials were encouraged by the EDA to not withdraw their application, but decided in February to use city funds on this project, which is the plan of action now that the grant application has been rejected.