Farm Equipment on the Roads: Drivers Beware

As we head through the month of May and into June, farm equipment has been hard at work planting corn and bean fields in anticipation of potentially high crop yields.

However, in this process, farm equipment often runs on county roads or even on crowded city streets. This can cause problems for people on the roads if one doesn’t take the necessary precautions.

Purdue Extension Agent Ken Eck talks about the biggest concern for drivers driving around farm equipment at this time of the year:

Eck says county roads can be among the most dangerous places to encounter farm equipment. According to data compiled for a 2009 study done by the USDA’s Committee on Agricultural Safety and Health Research, crash fatality rates related to farm crashes in rural counties are almost double the rate in urban counties.

Eck offers some final advice on proper precautions to take when encountering farm equipment on a roadway.

Eck says pulling over as far as you can while passing farm machinery is often the best way to keep both you and the farmer safe. The same 2009 USDA study found that the farm vehicle occupant was killed nearly twice as often as the occupants of the other vehicle involved in the crash.