Huntingburg Airport to Raise Price of Hundred Low Lead Fuel

Yesterday, the Dubois County Airport Authority met for their monthly meeting.

The main point of discussion last night was tweaking the fuel pricing for the Huntingburg Airport. The DCAA focused on the average of five nearby airports to come up with a price per gallon for hundred low lead fuel.

After examining the figures, the DCAA determined that they needed to add a cost plus structure to make up for their current operating expenses. Dubois County Airport Authority President Michael Cummings explains:

This pricing operation began back in March. Cummings says making sure that the DCAA makes up for their operating expenses was the main focus of the price increase. Looking towards the future, Cummings says the DCAA needs to be transparent with the fuel costs:

The committee also covered the expansion project that the FAA sent back the initial review of with no issues. This project includes extra lighting on the runway and expanding the length of the runway by approximately 500 feet.

The expansion project is expected to be completed in 2015 as long as funding for the project is not an issue.