Huntingburg Prepares to Open New Splash Park

Huntingburg’s new splash park is set to open this weekend.

The new water feature, south of the municipal pool at City Park, will be dedicated Saturday morning at 11:45 and will open with the city pool at noon for the season.

During his appearance on 18 WJTS’ Monday with the Mayor this past week, Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner says there should be no problem getting support from kids in the area for the new splash park:

At a cost of just under 150-thousand dollars, the 60-by-40-foot splash park features six above-ground structures that spray water and several in-ground jets that are activated for a few minutes at a time by a sensor in the concrete pad that children can step on. Some landscaping work remains to be done after the disturbed ground around the splash park settles.

Spinner says the park should be a good addition to the community for this summer and for the future:

The splash park will be accessible through the pool only during pool hours, requiring admission charges, and also will be accessible from outside the pool without admission charges when the pool is closed or is being used for parties or other events.

Huntingburg Parks Director Jim Rueger says that the electronic controls are set to turn the splash park on at noon Mondays through Saturdays and at 1 pm Sundays. The water will turn off at 8:30 pm every day. Those times may be adjusted throughout the season based on usage patterns and summer heat.