Jasper Council Approves Alcohol at City Golf Courses

Last night, the Jasper City Council passed a series of ordinances allowing for beer and wine to be served at city golf courses.

The changes will be effective at both Jasper Municipal and Ruxer golf courses. All alcohol would have to be obtained on the city golf courses and not brought onto the course. Coolers will be provided at the courses for the alcohol, with a deposit fee of 10 dollars needed, which will be paid back upon return of the coolers.

Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says several other cities across Indiana have started to add alcoholic beverages for their golf courses and it was time for Jasper to do the same. However, he says the process will be well-policed:

Seitz says the coolers will be required for soft drinks on the course as well. The changes could take effect as soon as this weekend pending the approval of an alcohol license.

Also last night, the city council held reviews of 3 CF-1 forms of local businesses. The forms for Indiana Furniture, Stens LLC, and Braun Family Properties were up for review last night. Seitz says this yearly reporting is required under state laws governing tax phase-in:

Braun Family Properties’ CF-1 form will be reviewed further at the next Jasper City Council meeting to clarify some changes to salary numbers.

Finally last night, the city added a 65 dollar fee for the new Monon car to be added to the Spirit of Jasper later this summer. The car is owned by Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc., and will be operated at no cost to the city.