Larry Bucshon: On Healthcare

Across the country, provisions of the Affordable Care Act will soon begin to take effect in advance of full implementation of the new health care law in 2014. However, the new health care provisions are not without their critics.

Indiana 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon says there are still many things that need to be worked out before any provisions of the new health care are implemented. He says the health care provisions as currently constituted will not work out well for employees and businesses all across America:

Bucshon, a heart surgeon who performed many successful heart surgeries before being elected as a Congressman, says he wants all patients across America to have access to affordable health care. He also says he anticipates that there will be changes before all is said and done:

Bucshon says that he is a proponent of full repeal and wants to make sure that anything that is done does not inhibit the ability to change approaches to health care reform down the road.

2 thoughts on “Larry Bucshon: On Healthcare

  1. Lee Stewart

    What are you suggestions on making sure all Americans have health insurances. All we hear is that our president’s plan will not work and we will do all we can to make sure it will not have a chance to work. I agree it was not properly thought out, but at least it was a plan, a plan that, would improve what American has had in the past.
    Copy what Canada or Western Europe has—that’s easy. Quit protecting the insurance companies and for profit hospitals.
    We constantly have heard the republican party say President Obama’s plan is bad, but never has the republican party presented to the American people their better plan. The plan must be to make the President look bad and go on with 50 million, and growing, Americans being uninsured.

    I am tired of my rates going up because of aiding the uninsured who must go to to the emergency room, that is paid for by we the insured.

    I am also tried of hearing of all the tax cuts in Indiana. Without taxes Indiana has little to with and it certainly shows.

    Leave the education system to the educators, not the politicians

    Is it any wonder the America’s politicians have a 15% approval rating?

    Lee ans Susan Stewart

  2. Bonnie Bufkin

    I recently ran into a problem that the SS insurance would not pay for a medicine and I had to end up paying for it myself. It was nothing more than a muscle relaxer due to a strained neck and I really miserable. I do not understand why when the doctor orders something we have to go through all of this hassle. It was not until the next day when they told me that I could pay for it myself. It was not expensive but I had not been sleeping for 4 nights before. It just seems wrong. Bonnie

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