Lindel Hume: On Retirement

With the close of the Indiana General Assembly just over a week ago, District 48 State Senator Lindel Hume moves one step closer to the end of his time in office.

Hume, who announced during a Democratic party dinner in mid-March that he will be retiring at the end of his current term next year, talks about the emotions and postives as he nears his retirement:

Hume, who currently represents parts of Dubois, Gibson, Knox, Pike, Spencer, and Warrick counties in the state senate, also believes that there have been a lot of changes in the way that state government has conducted itself in recent years. He says there was more cooperation between parties in his early years than what there is now and talks about the difference in times:

According to various reports, it is expected that current Indiana District 63 State Representative Mark Messmer will run as the Republican candidate for Hume’s Senate seat during the next round of Senate elections.