New ‘Monon Car’ to be Added to Spirit of Jasper Train

Yesterday, the City of Jasper hosted its first of three City Chat events for this year.

The event serves as an opportunity for city officials to update the public in attendance and for the public to ask questions about city events and issues.

Those on hand yesterday afternoon included Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz, Utilities General Manager Bud Hauersperger, and Jasper Parks Director Ken Buck.

One of the highlights of today’s event was an update on this year’s addition of a 4th car to the Spirit of Jasper train.

Jasper Depot Agent and Train Consultant Richard Pearson explains the car, known as the “Monon Car”, will allow for more passengers to ride the Spirit of Jasper train.

Pearson’s hopeful more corporations and small parties will utilize the new car. He says the new car will serve as the last car on the train during trips.

Some features of the new car will include 12 TV’s, heating and air conditioning, a porch on the rear of the car, and catering provided by the Schnitzelbank.

Pearson says the new addition to the Spirit of Jasper is unique.

The new Monon car is set to become a part of the Spirit of Jasper sometime in August. Train service for this year on the Spirit of Jasper is set to begin on June 1st.

Other issues discussed today include the continued work on the city’s downtown riverfront masterplan, the recent purchase of the Jasper Country Club property, upcoming street projects including the widening of Kluemper Road, the 3rd Avenue water line replacement project, and the soon to begin resurfacing of US 231 in Jasper.

The next city Chats session will take place Tuesday, May 21st at the Herman Kiefer Fire Station on East 6th Street at noon.  That session will include Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang, Police chief Mike Bennett and   Director of Personnel, Safety & Loss Control Cale Knies.

The third and final Jasper City Chat session will be held on Tuesday June 11th at the Jasper Arts Center.