County Commissioners Approve Funding Help for Huntingburg Overpass

Yesterday morning, the Dubois County Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of splitting the funding stake in the railroad overpass scheduled to be built in Huntingburg in the near future.

The project will be funded by 80 percent federal highway grants and local contributions and the remaining 20 percent of the cost of the overpass will come from Huntingburg. That 20 percent will be split between the city of Huntingburg and Dubois County.

Last night on 18 WJTS’ Monday with the Mayor, Huntingburg mayor Denny Spinner said Dubois County has been supportive of the project from the beginning:

Spinner says raising the 20 percent of the funds necessary for the project may not have been possible without the commitment of the county commissioners:

Spinner says the next step is for attorneys to draft a formal agreement along with finding and determining the cost of a consultant.

He says once all of that is determined that city and county officials will then go before the county council to gain final approval for the funding agreement to move forward.