Dubois County Visitors Center Taking Grant Applications

The Dubois County Visitors Center and Tourism Commission is now accepting grant applications from the Tourism Promotion Fund.

The application process is open to non-profit, tourism-related organizations, festivals, events, attractions, and others that can increase the attendance of visitors from outside of the county. Those applications approved for projects or events that previously have recieved funding can get new money if it can be proven that there is an additional tourism benefit. Organizations establishing first-time events will be given special consideration in the application process.

To request an application, you can call the Dubois County Visitors Center. The deadline for completed applications in order to be considered for funding is July 15th. For additional tourism information, you can call the visitors center at 482-9115, go online to visitduboiscounty.com, or stop by their office, which is located in the same building as the Dubois County Museum on Newton Street.

The Dubois County Visitors Center & Tourism Commission promotes the growth and development of the convention, visitor, and tourism industry in the county and is the one community organization empowered to do so. Tourism contributes an estimated $81.1 million annually to the Dubois County economy.