Ferdinand Heimatfest Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Ferdinand Heimatfest will begin its 18th annual festival.

The event will kick off at 5 pm tomorrow evening with the opening of the food and game booths. There will also be a bake-off contest and a flower judging contest as a part of the event.

Speaking on 18 WJTS In.Form, Ferdinand Heimatfest co-chair Angie Seffernick says this year’s event, which is usually held on Father’s Day weekend, was moved back a weekend due to the St. Henry Heinrichsdorf Fest being held on Father’s Day weekend this year:

Other featured events at this year’s Heimatfest will include a BBQ contest, a car show, and a waterball contest sponsored by the Ferdinand Fire Department. The event will also host the second tournament of the year for the WBDC Cornhole Tournament of Champions.

Seffernick says the Heimatfest is a key fundraiser for several community organizations that are involved in the event:

Official opening ceremonies for the Heimatfest will be held at 7 pm tomorrow evening with ambassadors Lee and Ginny Begle, Heimatfest Queen Shanna Hoffman, Little Miss Heimatfest Avari Schneider, and Little Mister Heimatfest Elijah Brosmer.

The WBDC Cornhole Tournament of Champions is set for tomorrow evening. Registration begins at 6 pm and throwing is set for 7 pm.