Jasper Utility Board: 6/17

The Jasper Utility Service Board met last night and held a followup discussion on the Beaver Lake meeting with the general public which was held earlier last week.

Utilities board chairman Wayne Schuetter said they received a lot of good information from the citizens of Jasper regarding the lake level. The board realizes there is a problem, and are preparing to investigate the matter further:

The utility board wants to make the public aware that the water lever is lower and that causes safety issues. The board asks that people take precaution when using the lake, and keeping an eye out for exposed tree stumps and other obstructions. The ulitity board will meet in July to discuss further options for fixing the Beaver Lake spillway issue.

The other main topic discussed at last night’s meeting was the digester dome near the waste water plant. There is a huge fiberglass dome that traps the methane gas coming off the digester. This has been done for nearly twenty-two years, which is used to produce both electricity and heat for the plant. Jasper is the first city in Indiana to use this type of energy, and is only one of two in Indiana who currently use this process. Schuetter says this digester done saves them a large amount of money a year, and it needs some repair, but is entirely safe.

Schuetter says the big difference in cost is due to the increase in material costs, as well as a rise in installation costs.

There is no set timetable for the repair to start, but Schuetter thinks the project will be completed within the next couple of months.

The inner membrain for digester dome was last replaced in 2002.