Soybean Planting Nears Completion; Crops in Good Condition

Indiana soybean planting is almost finished, according to a recent report.

This week’s edition of the Indiana Crop and Weather Report, which was released on Monday, shows that 96 percent of intended soybean acreage across the state is planted. Although still behind last year’s pace of 100 percent, that number is slightly above the five year average of 94 percent planted and is up from 93 percent last week.

90 percent of the planted soybeans have emerged, which is above the 86 percent five year average, but is 9 percent less than that same number from a year ago. Last week at this time, 83 percent of planted soybeans had emerged.

Most corn and soybeans across Indiana are listed in either fair or good condition according to the report. 20 percent of corn across the state is listed in fair condition and 55 percent is in good condition. 21 percent of corn is considered to be in excellent condition.

For soybeans, 24 percent of the crop is listed in fair condition, 55 percent is in good condition, and 17 percent is classified as being in excellent condition.