VUJC Set to Offer Industrial Maintenance Courses Next Month

Next month, Vincennes University’s Jasper Campus will offer industrial maintenance training courses.

The courses will kick off on July 1st at the recently opened Center for Technology, Innovation, and Manufacturing (CTIM) at the VU Jasper Campus.

Industrial maintenance classes, which are a part of VU’s Business and Industry Training, include several electrical and mechanical classes that combine about 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on time for each session. The classes are 8 hours per day and last from 2 to 6 days depending on the subject.

These classes are designed to help improve current employees’ core and job-specific skills as well as give basic skills to newly hired technicians. Safety and troubleshooting are emphasized throughout each session with organized problem solving methods taught by instructors with over 20 years of real-world experience in industrial engineering and maintenance.

A few large local businesses have already enrolled employees in the training. Some seats are still open but they are filling fast so it is suggested to enroll employees now.

Scheduled training classes and dates in Jasper include:

AC/DC Electrical Systems, July 1-3;
Electrical Motor Control, July 8-12;
Variable Frequency Controls (A-B PowerFlex 4), July 15-16;
Mastering Programmable Controllers (A-B 5/03), July 17-19 and 23-25;
Mastering Programmable Controllers (A-B 5/03), Aug. 5-7 and 12-14;
Hydraulics I & II, Sept. 9-13;
Pneumatics I, II & III, Sept. 23-27.

For more information about Industrial Maintenance Training at VU contact Jerry Ruble, director of ABB Robotics Lab and Industrial Maintenance Training, at 888-4346 or

To enroll in classes, contact Martha Vance, Business & Industry
Coordinator, at 888-5284 or