City of Huntingburg to Update Fire Department Code

The City of Huntingburg wants to update it’s fire department code.

City Attorney Phil Schneider told the Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety this morning that according to the code, the department is allowed up to 30 members. But another section of the code says up to 26 firefighters should live inside the city limits and two are allowed to live outside city limits but inside the city’s two-mile planning and zoning jurisdictional area, for a total force of 28. That section needs to be corrected to allow up to 27 to live inside the city with up to three able to live in the jurisdictional area.

Schneider also noted the code says the department can send no more than six firefighters on calls outside the city limits. It should instead read that six firefighters, including either the chief or assistant chief, should remain inside the city limits if the department is dispatched elsewhere.

Fire Chief Scott Patberg also asked to add the department’s standard probationary period for new firefighters into the code. The probationary period lasts through the completion of all training plus an additional six months, typically about 11 or 12 months total.

The board instructed Schneider to draft the new code to be reviewed at next month’s August 1st meeting.