Jasper City Council Gives Final Approval on Tax Abatement for Jasper Chair

Last night, the Jasper City Council gave its final approval on a tax abatement for a local business.

Jasper Chair becomes one of several businesses that have taken advantage of the city’s tax abatement program since its implementation several years ago. Jasper mayor Terry Seitz says the city is glad to see a local business sustain itself going forward:

Seitz says Jasper Chair has already been working in the 9th Street area purchasing property for warehousing and additional facilities.

Also last night, the council passed the resolution for the Brookstone IV annexation area and an ordinance to annex 19.66 acres of land that is currently not occupied into the subdivision. Seitz says adding more to the west side of the city is a positive:

Finally last night, the council made an appeal to residents of Jasper to get involved with Energize Indiana. The program is a tool for homeowners in the city to have their home evaluated for its energy efficiency. Seitz says having an energy audit is important for several reasons, but the cost of the energy audit might be the biggest draw for homeowners:

Seitz says those who choose to utilize this program can designate a local charity to receive money from Energize Indiana for the audit. Those interested in participating can contact the utility department at Jasper City Hall at 482-9131. You can also get more information about the Energize Indiana program by visiting energizingindiana.com.