Spencer County Residents Oppose Planned Farbest Expansion

Residents of Spencer County are standing in opposition to a local business’ expansion.

Huntingburg-based Farbest Foods has unveiled plans to expand into the county with a turkey-brooding facility. The new facility would be located along County Road 650 East just off of County Road 1200 on a 40-acre plot that the company has a purchase agreement on. The facility would be roughly two miles from Christmas Lake Village.

Nearly three dozen residents that live near the proposed plant expressed their displeasure at last week’s Spencer County commissioners meeting. Tell City Attorney John Werner, who claims to own land near the site, says Farbest’s plans constitute an industrial-use facility backed by a corporation rather than an agricultural facility and says it would be a detriment to people living near it.

Werner also pointed out that heavy truck traffic to and from the facility would increase significantly and be an additional burden on county roads in the area, specifically the gravel County Road 350 East, which Werner cited as being far too narrow and wouldn’t hold up to the constant wear-and-tear of the 80 thousand pound trucks traveling along it.

However, local farmer Alex Hohl was among several who say several farms, his included, reap rewards from large agricompanies such as Farbest. Hohl says he believes that the operation could be the future of agriculture. He also believes that Spencer County should invest in any needed upgrades in order to accomodate the new facility.