Two Injured in Three Car Crash

A three car crash in Jasper yesterday morning left two people injured.

Jasper Police say 36-year-old Maria Martinez of Jasper was westbound on Indiana Street at the intersection with US 231 just before 9:20 am yesterday morning when the accident took place.

Police say Martinez either didn’t look or failed to see a car driven by 66-year-old Carolyn Schmidt of Jasper and pulled out into the intersection. Schmidt veered westbound, thinking that Martinez would stop. Martinez’s car hit the rear part of the driver’s side of Schmidt. The impact caused Schmidt to spin in a counter clock wise motion and wound up facing eastbound, where her car collided with a third car, driven by 41-year-old Hendrixson Dunham of Francisville, Illinois. That impact caused Schmidt’s car to end up facing northwest and Dunham’s car wound up facing south right in the middle of Indiana Street.

Schmidt complained of chest pain and Dunham complained of pain to the lower back and right arm. Neither one was transported to Memorial Hospital for treatment. Martinez was not injured.

Martinez’s car suffered 5 thousand dollars in damage, Schmidt’s car suffered 75 hundred dollars worth of damage and Dunham’s car suffered 5 thousand dollars in damage. Martinez was cited for Operator Never Licensed and Failure to Yield the Right of Way.