Cannelton Fighting Additional INDOT Signage

The city of Cannelton is dealing with concerns over potential new signage in the city.

At a recent city council meeting, Cannelton mayor Mary Snyder presented a memo from the Indiana Department of Transportation proposing 16 new signs to be added along State Road 66 in the town. 13 of the new signs would be for “no parking here to corner” signs and the other three would limit parking to disabled people only.

Snyder says each of the proposed signs and changes would be carefully looked at before the city responded to the request from INDOT. The signs are not wanted by the city because it would make things more confusing for residents.

If approved, all signs would be placed on the south side of the road. It is the hope of the city that the changes could instead be implemented with pavement markings. The next step of the process is for the state to determine a timeframe for any work that will take place.