City of Loogootee, Paving Companies At Odds Over Street Work

The city of Loogootee continues its battle with two area paving companies following what has been deemed as unsatisfactory street work.

The city accepted a bid from Paoli-based Calcar Paving last year to pave Country Court, Industrial Avenue, and Bloomfield Road. The work was done, but not to the satisfaction of the Loogootee City Council. Bedford-based Arthur Paving was subcontracted to complete the work due to the time it was going to take to pave the three streets. City Councilman Fred Dupps says the pavement is very porous and also seems to be unfinished.

According to Loogootee mayor Noel Harty, the explanation given to the city by Arthur Paving is that the pavement bubbled up and there were also some rough spots. Harty added that there were several places where the pavement was too high at places where driveways meet the street.

Arthur Paving has said that they did return this summer to make repairs, which included sanding down the pavement where it was too high. However, Harty says the company said they could continue to sand the pavement down, but the city would not get what it paid for. Harty says the city just wants the company to get the paving job correct.

The Loogootee City Council voted back in January to withhold a $1,500 payment due to Calcar Paving until they were satisfied with the paving work done. Councilman Dupps stated that the city should have withheld more money in hindsight, as the repairs were light spot patching.