Country Club Meeting Scheduled

During Wednesday night’s city council meeting, officials with the city of Jasper announced plans for a meeting to publicize ideas for possible uses for the former Jasper Country Club property that the City of Jasper purchased back in April.

The meeting will be held Wednesday September 25th at KlubHaus 61, the new banquet facility that is located in the former clubhouse on the property. Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz told the Jasper Common Council on Wednesday a time has not yet been set.

Consultants Barry Alberts of Louisville-based CityVisions and David Gamble of Boston-based Gamble Associates have been collecting information and conducting interviews to determine possible uses of the approximate 60 acres that are west of U.S. 231 and south of Schuetter Road. They will present their ideas to the public and ask for input.

The consultants will take the comments into account as they finalize their recommendations, which then will be presented to city officials at a public meeting.