Cover Crop Cost Share Program Available in Dubois County

The Dubois County Soil and Water Conservation District is again accepting applications for its cover crop cost share program.

There will be two payment rates: one for experienced growers and another for those who have not had cover crops within the past three years. Payments will be made only for diverse cover crop mixes, which will include one broadleaf and one legume species. There will be no payments made for individual species. Those who have used cover crops in the past will be under a 15 dollar payment rate per acre while those who are new cover crop growers will be under a 25 dollar payment rate per acre. There is a maximum of 50 acres per farm that will be covered under the plan.

Cover crops, like cereal grains, radishes, and clovers, are typically harvested prior to the end of September each year. These crops protect the soil from erosion during the winter when fields aren’t in use for growing crops. They also keep nutrients such as nitrogen from washing into waterways. The roots of those plants assist in breaking up soil compaction, thus creating more favorable conditions for spring planting.

Applications are being accepted until next Wednesday, September 4th. For more information, you can call Judi Brown at 482-1171 extension 131.